sal • sa • ol • o • gy [salh-suh-ol-uh-jee]

The science of salsas; a delectable study that explores and reimagines the richness of Mexico’s regional flavors and culinary traditions to produce artisanal Mexican inspired sauces.

our salsas

  • Ancho Chile Tamarind Sauce
  • Chile Negro & Hibiscus Sauce
  • Tres Chiles & Mezcal Sauce

be inspired

Sweet Potato SouffleChile Negro & Hibiscus Cranberry SaucePumpkin Mole Chicken Enchiladas
Sweet Potato Souffle
Chile Negro & Hibiscus Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Mole Chicken Enchiladas

salsaology is authentic yet distinctive

Using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional recipes, we have crafted a collection of delectable sauces that bring zesty Mexican flavors to jazz up your dinner table – simple and fast!

Experience the art and science of flavor